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interesting article in today's Times

On p23 today an article entitled 'Yes. but can we really imagine what it's like?' by David Aaronovitch. Very thought provoking about our attitudes to disabled people.

Wonder if dear old Cameron has read it???? Left the room when he came on last night at the opening ceremony!

Incidentally did anyone else find they couldn't watch much of the ceremony because of the constant flashes from cameras round the stadium. I can't tolerate any kind of flashing lights.

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I didn't even try to watch as the camera flashing sends me potty, often the same on the news.


Hi Caroline

no i didn't watch the opening last night or some reason it didnt interest me because i was a bit annoyed that it wasn't connected with the other Olympics they have still sectioned them off, i was hoping that the same torch that was burning would have sufficed for both some how. and if you noticed their torches were silver not gold it all felt second class to me.

However; grumbling aside i have been watching the judo just and it was great and so was the swimming truly inspirational, its made me to get off my fat but and get on the stepper lol ok it was just for a couple of minutes; but its a start lol.

As for Cameron he makes me laugh for now after attacking the young the poor and disabled in every he now thinks that the rich should pay more tax lol what a genius; wonder how long it took him to think that one up and i bet it really hurt saying it too. :-)


i agree gloglo most of the games are using the same things same pool same bike thing etc (fibro fog) so why wasnt it done straight after the games why wait 2 weeks,so to me the paraolyimpians are like 2nd class citizens. also why on channel 4 and not the bbc? think more tickest have been sold for this than the empty seats at the olimpics 2 weeks ago!


I watched the opening ceremony and it was amazing in fact I prefered it to the Olimpics one !!which I found very muddlesome!!! and they wizzed from one thing to the next made me feel almost giddy. Last night was positive and thought provoking and had a lovely feel to it. I felt so Proud of all of them and look forward to what they will all do in the next 11 days

Rainbowdancer xx x x


It does seem strange, but the Paralympics is a British invention! It isn't part of the general Olympic Movement.

the Paralympics started in 1948, after a German Jewish Surgeon was appointed to run the Spinal Injuries section at Stoke Mandeville Hospital. Back then, paralysed soldiers were 'made comfortable', dosed to the eyeballs with Morphine, and left to die, basically.

Dr. Guttman took them off morphine, and started them on physiotherapy, then gradually got them into playing sports. In response to the 1948 Olympics, which were held in London, he organised an Archery Competition for them, which was the first stirrings of the Paralympic Movement.

It does seem strange that the Paralympics have not been merged with the Olympics, but there are still many countries who still hide their disabled people and treat them badly, so I think there is some way to go yet. Although it was good to see the 'Blade runner' compete this year, although he didn't get a medal.

Cheers, Midori


Tried to look it up online but no luck unfortunately, the times online will only let you view the article if you subscribe )-:


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