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Where is everyone

Hi everyone,

I am relatively new to this site so not very vocal yet but have spent some time reading the posts and trying to find my way around. What I realised was that there is an awful lot of people registered on this site, but alot of people have not set their location.

I can understand that we have to be careful about where we live but I think that if everyone was to set their location to a nearby town or county even, we would find that there is someone living close by that we could connect with.

Anyway, just an idea maybe a bad one but let me know what everyone thinks. I know when I joined one of the first things I did was look to see who lived within a 25 mile radius of me and that made me feel better knowing that if I ever felt really bad there were people who lived within travelling distance who probably felt equally as bad and knew how I was feeling.

Bye for now x

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Mmm I,m not the best person to answer this cos,,, I recently tried to update my profile all I had filled in was my about me , so happily started to fill in my location birthdate etc.. And deleted myself off the site completely.... Actually I think it was admins way of tactfully kicking me off ;) when I finally found myself back on I couldn't remember what I had put in about me so that's changed and I am going nowhere near the other details cos I like it here

VG x


Good point Misery, i will update my llocation.....just as soon as i work out how! Will still be trying in March lol

Charlii xx


I believe you do this through going into your profile and completing the information Charlii, any problems, please give me a shout and I will look into it for you. I haven't set me location, so I cannot confirm. Give it a try if you like. :) xxxx


Hi Misery, I also am in agreement with your suggestion, I think it makes contact with fellow fibromites a bit more personal, including the bios everyone has written. Also a pic is another way which can make your added info seem more individual.

Who knows, there may be someone living in the same street ???


I tried to set all my info, but it never saves... I even had problems setting a pic, so I ended up using an optical illusion (although it's pretty fitting) lol. Once I work it out I'll set it to rights x


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