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back to work

I am going back to work on monday aftre eight weeks of. still feel crap but got to see what they offer me for voluntary redundancy. have been told that if i take voluntary redundancy i will not be able to claim anything as i have given my job up so it needs to be enough for me to live on for another 5 years lol or i am going to fight to keep my job beciause the more i look at peoples blogs the more i realise that i wont get anybenefit for fibro anyway.

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Check out with the job centre what you will be entitled to - I think there is a waiting period and job seekers allowance (or whatever they call the dole nowadays) is also means tested against savings. Remember that redundancy payments can take several weeks to come through after you actually finish - i got caught out on being expected to live on fresh air! Thank heavens for the overdraft lol

Julie xx


thankyou will do that


i agree with the above and they only i say only make you wait a certain no of weeks before you can put a claim in.but its pathetic anyway


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