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Where do we stand for those of us that can't work, yet would like to do a bit of voluntary work? Do we have to inform the Dwp if we work for a few hours a week and are not getting paid? What about PIP or DLA..ESA? I'm just wondering for those of us that would like to volunteer work for a few hours per week ( and it would be in my case) do we have to tell the benefits ppl? And if so, do we lose our benefits? Does anyone on here do voluntary work whilst in receipt of sickness benefits?

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  • i know where i live and a company that does take on voluntary workers says they have checks by the DWP on who is doing voluntary work,i think you can do voluntary work if on certain benefits but i would be dubious if in receipt of sickness benefits as they could say if you do voluntary work you could be capable of working and therefore not entitled to sickness benefit,i dont know what the rules are though.hope someone can advise you.

  • Hi there

    I think that this is a difficult one. I have heard all sorts of stories about things like the DWP saying if you can work for one hour per week you are fit enough to work full time.

    I would definitely check with the CAB as to what the rules are before you take anything on.

    Perhaps you could even check on the .gov website to see if there are any answers there?

    Good luck.

    Wishing you much peace

    Lu xx

  • Thanks for your replies....it's not worth it if it can interfere with your benefits though...I was literally thinking of light admin work for the British heart foundation....I would probably let them down anyway. Thanks. Take care xx

  • I'm in the ESA support group and I informed them in January that I started volunteer work for a few hours a week in a nursing home for people with dementia. I just sit and chat with people and help with some activities.

    When I first phoned the ESA they send me a complicated form to fill in but I felt that the form was not the right paperwork for me as it was about different kinds of payment and I needed a support worker to fill in some of it.

    I don't have a support worker so just send them back the empty form with a letter explaining that I was not getting paid anything and that I was just doing a few hours of befriending in a nursing home.

    Have not heard back from them since. So hopefully all ok.

    The volunteer work really has given me some purpose again and has helped a lot with my mood. Please don't stay home just because you are scared about the benefits. Just make sure it's manageable (just a few hours a week)

    All the best x

  • I wantvto do something but don't know where to start or what to do...I could do nursery just read books to children which I enjoy.

  • Contact a children's centre near you, they are always looking for volunteers.

    Hope you find somewhere suitable, good luck x

  • Hi

    Yes you are able to do voluntary work if in receipt of ESA but you do have to inform them it does not effect your PIP.

    However as others say DWP may then say you are able to return to paid employment for a few hours a week


  • Thanks to all. I often read on here suggestions about reading for the blind, getting into craftwork.....all sorts really, you could start making costume jewellery and sell it on eBay for a few quid...it just gives you some sort of outlook on life for a few hours and that's why I was wondering....anyway I'll have an enquire and actually see what help the BHF need. xx

  • Hi Lins345

    I can see that you have had your question answered my friend, and I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck and please take care of yourself my friend.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x :)

  • Where we live you have to tell them if you are on benefits especially if you are on esa support group I am in a support group I have an support worker I have told them I drive my wife around delivering papers for about an hour a day mon_sat and they said that is fine I will send out a form fill it in just to be on the safe side I would tell them just to see what they say

  • Thanks Flyby7. I may just do that x

  • Be careful. I remember a disabled ex-serviceman who lost benefits for selling poppies!

  • Midori. I think I know the story you mean and he wasn't disabled but was a exserviceman on jobseekers allowance. He was quite entitled to do it if he was disabled I believe

  • I find that disgusting...the person may have felt awful selling poppies but they did it for charity not for themselves!

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