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Returning to work?

Hi everyone I have been of work since last November with the worst flare up of Fibro ever. I only work 16 hours weekly but it had been a constant battle to keep with with my working schedule since I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia 4 years ago. I have suffered from depression most of my adult life, have high blood pressure and gallstones so I have days (and nights) where I can barely function. I had a meeting with my manager on Monday past as human rescources requested detailed information from my G.P regarding my health so this was discussed when we met up. Listening to the details of this report was depressing as I sometimes am in denial about my condition but somehow this made it seem more real. I told my manager I would really like to be able to return to work but I couldnt predict how I was going to be feeling from one day to the next! I am due to see my doctor on Monday as my sick line finishes on Sunday and I am getting really anxious thinking should I/shouldnt I return to work even if its making me feel worse and if my .G.P says I am unfit to return would I be entitled to any sickness benefits? My husband is working in a job he hates with bad wages so I feel guilty that I am unable to do more to contribute financially.

Thanks in advance for reading this and I hope you all are keeping on top of the fibro x

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Hi Dinkydo,

I have been diagnosed with fibro for 3 years, but i am not sure if it is right as i thought it could be more MS.

Its awful when you have to face the fact that you just acnt do your job no more, I really feel for you.

I had to give you work in november, I only done a few hours but it was cleaning holiday homes and i loved it. I just couldnt physically do that plus looking after 3 kids and a house no more.

My partner works and only gets low wages but we just have to stop having treats at the minute. I cant even get dla as i have no specialist to back me up yet. I am going to a cfs clinic on saturday to get a proper diagnosis hopefully but i wont hold my breath.

I no what you mean about not knowing from one day to next what you are going to be like as i can have horrendous hip pain one day and leg pain the next its so strange.

Hope You get it sorted as stress really doesnt help does it.

kel xxx


HI I know exactly how you feel and it is hard for sure. On good days going to work would be nice as it gets you out the house, you have a purpose and live as normal life as possible. However if you have a bad day how the hell do we get to work??? ...,let alone do the work.

Do you work for a big organisation?

I have been battling with my employers for the last 2 years, I'm still employed, still paid, however there is no understanding about the illness or chronic pain for that matter.Oh forgot to say i don't work however. I am battling to go through ill health, however just feel bullied and misunderstood. i will fight to deaths door to get what is right......or a barrister will!!!!

Good luck, you have to do what is right for you, if you try going back to work and it doesn't work out atleast you can say you have tried?? xx


Thankyou Christine I have sent an email to citizens advice. At the moment my pay is equivalent to SSP (I think) which is not a lot. My head tells me to get back to work but my body is telling me something else :)


Thanks for your reply. I work for a large department store (not sure if I am allowed to name it) but wasnt sure how long they are liable to pay me for. They dont have a great understanding of my illness other than what was in the report human resources requested from my doctor. Two years ago I had a 5 month episode of work with Fibromyalgia so I guess they are getting really fed up with me as I work in a small team. I really dont know what to do for the best and am fed up thinking and stressing about it but thanks again for your advice. Very much appreciated xx


I work as a Loss Prevention assistant 16 hours weekly so basically my job sees me moving aroud the store. It would benefit me financially if my hours were cut as I have a 30 mile round trip to work. I am just so fed up with the daily tiredness and pain and I dont know why I am even bothering trying to go back to work. In reality I dont believe I am physically capable of it but I guess I like to convince myself I can still do it. Thanks for your advice.


P.s I meant it wouldnt benefit me financially if my hours were cut any lower than 16 with the cost of fuel and usually the hours are spread over 3/4 days.


Hi everyone, haven't been on here for a few weeks so must thought I would give you an update. I am now on a phased return to work. Last Thursday was my first day and I really enjoyed it. I started to get sore and tired after being there a few hours so took a few painkillers went to the office and did some of my work I could do while sitting. It felt so good to be out talking to my colleagues and out of the house which was starting to feel like a prison. I fell asleep on the sofa when I came home from work as I was really exhausted but I felt so good that I am still able to work. I know its because I am now sleeping a lot better that I can now function fairly well which is down to getting the combination of meds which is right for me. This is a great site where we can all share our experiences and I always find it helpful to read the posts. Thankyou for replies to my earlier posts the advice was so helpful. Love to all xo


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