warm aching legs thighwakes you up, i feel weak & lightheadnes and neck spasms grrrr

gues it like a warmth running through my leg, my daughter was in kitchen i felt ok so tried a little dance and soon as i started i got a warmth and my legs felt weak! its been going on

i feel like i dare not do anything exciting these days.

I am near due though but i seem to experience something different on the build up it is only on the actual day it happens i feel relief and ok.

I take my Lyrica and gives me a bit of pick up but this is not pain its just uncomfortable. the neck spasms are not nice at all (mentioned before) Dr will not updose Diazepam as can be addictive! I do not have ajn addictive personality except am getting a sweet tooth and hav to come on here all time hahahaah .

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  • I have the same so I always have a glass of water and a tablet

    Waiting just in case, so all I have to do is to take it without getting

    Out of bed

    don't you find it strange that it is worse in bed I often wonder if

    I sat in the chair and kept the light on how would it be then

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