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updating my profile

just thought since i have been a member for a while now id add a profile for myself, the reason for the cookie monster pic is that i call my wee grandaughter my cookie monster lol not because she eats a lot of cookies, simply because of the fact that theres days she can be as sweet as a cookie and others shes a monster, although 99% of the time shes a wee cookie, any way ill leave it at that for now x

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oh bless .. i love the nick names we give to our children/ grandchildren etc mine for my godson is chunkily monkeyly

gentle dyslexic hugs


lol lexie thats a good one, they bring so much love and affection and happiness to our lifes, i love when my wee cookie is here, im that busy doing stuff with her that it takes my mind of things for a little while, dont get me wrong when she goes away again im in agony for days, my own fault though, shes 3 next month and always wants to play houses and tea partys, and i get down on the floor and play with her,, the one thing i wont let this fibro stop me from doing is doing stuff and spending time with her, its worth every ache and pain in my body just to see her having fun and smiling.

gentle hugs back at you x


Bless you Sparky, that's so sweet! :) I would be the same.


ty liberty, shes the one person that always makes me smile no matter how bad im feeling xx


I understand, we all do I am sure! :)


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