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GCSE results

my son got his GCSE results yesterday I thought they were very good!

2xA ,distinction * ,3xB, a pass ,1xC

He wasn't quite as pleased as he was expecting more for some of them but the stuff he revised didn't come up in the exam.

I asked him what he wanted to do to celebrate and he decided on the cinema.I inwardly groaned at the thought of over 2 hours in a cinema seat but I agreed we'd go.Once I'd got in an out of the taxi (no mean feat!!) and into the cinema seat it actually wasn't too bad.When it was time to leave I struggled to get up as I'd set into the shape of the chair!! We saw Batman and it was actually rather good.The surprising thing was ,That I slept all the way through until 8am this morning.I don't remember getting up if I did!

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That's great well done to your son, my son got his A level results last week an A* and 2 A' accepted into St Marys teacher training uni in Belfast..thrilled to bits..I feel so proud as you must do. I have been a single parent for almost 18 years and was told once by a friend, (might i add) that children from single parent families never do well, this so called friend now has 2 daughters who are both single parents...took great pleasure in

calling him to let him


That's even harder to get A in A level! My son is hoping to get into Derby to do dentistry which is why he was a bit disapointed to get a B in science!


He did well Amanda - well done to you both, there should be no problem with the dentistry course if he can get very good results with his AS's in science, that is what the Uni's go by when making their preliminary offers.

My daughter got 11 GCSE's two years ago - I remember bursting with pride.

This year her BTEC grades weren't good enough for the degree she wanted. The girl has some bottle - rather than accepting a course through clearing she has decided to go back to school for a year (she has been at college for 2 years) and get the points she needs through doing a year of AS levels, the Uni will accept this if she gets the grades. I love the way she had plan B all mapped out when her final project didn't go the way she wanted (she spent a lot of time doing things that eventually she didn't use - such a pity as she worked so hard). I was so disappointed for her but so proud of her as I knew the inside story!

Julie xx


wow she has some gumption,well done her!


Didn't he do well - you are justifiably proud well done x gins


Thanks x


Congratulations, you must be so proud! :)


On the other end of the scale, my grandson who lives with me, always has struggled, he really hoped and thought he'd done better in his exams than he did :-( He got a pass in all his Btec subjects, but not sure he's done enough to be accepted to 6th form which he desperately wants to do. There's no work out there, and he's an emotionally very young 16 year old, and could really do with the stability school will provide him with. I'm a single grandma, we gained custody of him a few months before his 6th birthday as his mum was/is (at times still) a drug addict. The following year his granddad died at 50 years of age, so he's had a lot of emotional upset in his life. Every time his mum lapses he goes through a hard time, he loves her, but hates what she does as well. He did get into trouble a lot this last year, a lot of detentions, but he bottles things up, and it turned out some kids he went to primary school with, remembered his mum been on drugs and were tormenting (bullying) him about it. Am I making excuses for him, what do you think?

Congratulations to all those who did well.


I think that you are stating explanations for his behaviour but not excuses.My oldest son has mild dyspraxia which affected him a lot at school and I used to have to 'explain' his behaviour a lot so I know where you are coming from.Are the conexions service involved and helping him? is the school supportive? Coud he go to college to retake his BTECs?

well done for taking him in and supporting him,it can't have been easy.Is there anything he is particularly good at that you could nurture to boost his confidence and self esteem?


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