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Fed up waiting!

I've spent a few weeks waiting for lots of things!

Occupational therapy assessment....have a waiting list

Physio...have a 2 week back log just to get appt up on computer!

counselling...have a long waiting list

ESA ....still got a couple of weeks to go to find out which part I'm on

DLA...... still waiting!

good job I feel too rough to get irate at the moment!!

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I feel for you. I got an emergency/urgent assessment appt. sent through when referred on October 31st by my specialist, the urgent appt. took till January 31st to happen. I'd hate to have been an non-emergency/urgent case.


looks like I'll get good at waiting then lol !


I've had loads of tests and am waiting for the results so I do know what you mean, waiting for referal to CFS service to come through as well as waiting for notification of my WCA medical for my ESA which I've never had - is that good or not?

Julie xx


I'm dreading the result of my ESA far they keep sending me letters with the same information on them and I keep getting confused and thinking they have made a decision.They haven't,I think they are just letting me know they are still deciding!


bless you i suppose there are sooo many od us for them to plough through it altakes time but it is annoying isnt it bless you oh ell hopefully you will get there and get what you wanyt from it well good luck and hope that you feel better soon too love diddle xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Thanks,I know I should be careful what I wish for as it could all go pear shaped!


I hope everything sorts out well for you Amanda, it can feel like a constant wait sometimes can't it. Take care.


Thanks, I am trying to be patient but it's hard when finances are low and pain is high!


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