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ive just been awarded full rate pip both components after 54 weeks i find it hard to drive because of the gear changing and all the pain i have i wanted to ask if anybody knows weather i can get my wife free driving lessons so she can take me to doctors hospital and anywhere i need to go a friend told me that the dwp did it for his mum and dad but they were getting dla now its changed to pip i carnt seem to find any advice on the net i would be greatfull if anybody can help

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  • I don't know anything about that, but have you considered an automatic with adapted hand controls?

  • Hi jakethemus

    I hope that you are feeling well today? I have pasted you a link to the NHS UK page on Carers Direct, as carers have legal rights and are entitled to money for looking after a disabled person. The link gives you lots of information about entitlement.


    I have also pasted you a link from the GOV.UK site about how to claim carers allowance. So, your wife can claim money for being your carer.


    With this, your wife will be able to take driving lessons and have them paid for by using this benefit. I genuinely hope that this helps answer your question?

    I want to wish you and your wife all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • thank you but my wife is unable to claim care allowence for me because she gets it for our disabled granddaughter who lives with us

  • I typed in, ...Free lessons for carers uk....and came up with a choice of sites giving info.

    Sue xx

  • Hi ask about "underlying carers allowance" my mum and dad in law got it for looking after each other.

  • Don't know about DWP funding for your wife's lessons. It might be your lucky day if you ask nicely of local charities. I did this in 1979 and was funded by local County Disability group for 12 lessons. I passed 1st time after 8! Best of luck.

  • Hi there, I wondered why it took 58 weeks to get PIP.

  • the system wasnt tested properly before it was rolled out, so now they have backlogs on top of backlogs. thats the short answer.

    hugs sue xx

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