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Hello, I am not making much comments but I am trying to read all of your comments. I have noticed that all of us the same, even we can not get on with our own families, sisters brothers mum dad, its sad also funny to have a lough, unbelievable, There will always be problem, everywhere we need to learn how to sort them out. I am very happy with this site, I have learnt a lot . PLS. do not exaggerate try to calm down. Thank you.

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I don't know what you have been reading or which comments you are referring too?

But i would just like to say that I get along great with all my family and I am 1 of 8, we are very close and we share our problems as well as a lot of great times, we treat all our children like our own and my mum is the best (a few of my friends have adopted her as their mum and they ring her sometimes to talk)

I also have some great friends (Its about quality not quantity) so i have got rid of some over the years

so there are great families and friends that support you through the good and the bad as I do with them. ( I'm sure mine is not the only great family)


Irenegee - count your blessings, some of us are not so fortunate.

Having said that my kids are great so I hope to break the pattern that seems to have gone on for generations from my fathers side of the family.

Julie xx


oh I do every single day xxx

keep smiling


hulya,I don`t know or understand what you mean by exaggeation.Neither do I need to calm down.

I am totally behind recent grievances.

And my relationship with family and friends is nothing but supportive thankyou.

Hugs xxx


I think your comment is right lots of us do struggle with Family and friend trying to understanding .. after all i made a coment if we did not have it would i get and understand it ...

like every large community we are growing and learning .. we must repect everyone as volenteers and members alike ..

gentle dyslexic hugs


totally agree with this Lexie

We all need to know that we can air our own particular feelings. so many people join us here that asking someone to be specific regarding who said what and taking what is said on here to personally is detrimental to us all.

All families, everyone's dynamics are different and we are all here to feel understood or at the very least air our feelings that cannot be shared anywhere else.

Take care to all, gentle hugs all round, and please please please let the airing of feelings and different perspectives be allowed without the fear of judgement, i think we all suffer from that enough in the "real world" everyday, let´s not bring it here.

Just like any ´family´there will be spats etc so lets all remember this.


Butterfly54 good evening to you, My comment is only in general I did not point you out, also my intention is not to criticize anyone but remained that problems exists even in the family, as I have read many of comments, I myself have a huge problem with my family as well. I have not seen my Mum since many years that's because of the problems caused by my sisters.

Most of comments were angered and trying to pick up the others over the volunteering issue! I must admit I panicked and felt the side become like boiling water.I am very happy in this site .

Hugs from my heart.


Hi hulya,thanks for replying,

I think what I really should have said is that if what has happend over tthe last few days was left to those involved to do the complaining,then maybe things would calm down.And this very good site could get back to normal.

I know you blog was not aimed at me and I`m sorry looking at my answer I came across a bit terse,I didn`t mean to.

As for problems with friends and family I have in the past had some problems,but have found peace of mind whittling out the negatives in my life.Sometimes no matter how hard it is we need to do this for self preservation.

What I find helps is a piece of paper with a pro`s and cons column,it`s amazing what you can come up with LOL

Love and hugs Butterfly54 xxxxx


Lexie, thank you. Most of the people are misinterpreting, I did not mean to upset anybody. As you sad we are learning but, if we could manage to learn without breaking our hearts!



Considering my fibro was triggered off by my C-PTSD which was caused by my family I find this post offensive. As for exaggeration to those affected it is that bad, dismissing it as 'calm down' is invalidating to my feelings.


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