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Duncan Smith not whiter than white

I'd love everyone to read the above link about the man the Goverment let loose on the poor and ill of this Country... the man who by his own party's admission is a failure by voting a no confidence in his ability to lead their party... he talks about people fiddleing and claiming money they are not entitled to... no wonder they have it in for Julian Assange because his organisation uncovers what these people really get up to... if you cant access the link just google Duncan Smith and go to the wikipedia page about him........i for one find it disturbing.. keep up the good fight against this horrible individual..good luck all...........

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Another boring, millionaire career politician. Betsygate was an interesting example of his own greed though.

He doesn't come across as a very nice bloke does he? A bit too vain and self-serving - typical politician I guess.

Julie xx


I really can't stand the smug, arrogant, self serving little s**t. just seeing his face makes me want to commit an act of violence against him..aka slap him senseless !!!!

i'm sure they target the disabled and vulnerable to deflect from their own disgraceful behavior.

As my wretched ex said...and often did..." attack is the first line of defence to cover your own bad behaviour" .., or something like that, sure you get my drift.

they really do live on another planet and have no idea at all what life is like for the everyday person. this lot are about the worst i can remember since Thatcher...even she had one redeeming feature, she would fight our corner against Europe.

People need to work longer!!!! my partner is 60 and an electrician, (also diabetic which doesn't help at times) and some days he comes home exhausted...oh i wish i could pack it all in now and just enjoy life.

what do they know about hard work, imagine someone in a factory, on a building site or doing any manual labour being told sorry we need another 3..4...5...6 years out of you...we need your tax and nhi...well what about trying..."ok mate you've done your 50 years, you've paid you dues all your life, how about we retire you at a decent age, on a decent pension and let the young uns in, give them a chance to get a job, learn a skill and pay their chance!!!!

Makes sense to me...maybe i should be in the hot seat lol.

take care all

Jan xx


I think most politicians went through the hot wash with a pair of grey bloomers thrown in .

I don't think any one of them can hand on heart say they haven't fiddled expenses or avoided tax. They are all pretty much in it to screw as much money out of us as possible.

The days when politicians came to power out of a want or need to help the country and it's people are long gone.

As soon as they get into office it's all about the money honey and s*d the people who pay their wages.


You are totally right.

A bunch of upper-class twits who just want to line their own pockets and screw the rest of us.

Cameron and his millionaire buddies just have no moral compass and it is getting to the point now where Caring is a Revolutionary Act.

If you are on facebook take a look at Keith Ordinary Guy - he is an inspiration!

Julie xx


have just looked at his page... my kinda guy... and i will be inspired to write to number 10....

thank you

Davlad x


He's on my friend's list Julie ! And yes he is , he's inspired me to write a few letters of my own !



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