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Reaally bad neck muscle spasms???

Aswell as throbbing toothache arms hands

Seems today aswell that my right leg is a bit swollen too??

Hetting really fed up and allll i want to do is be in control of my little business but have to chauffeur girls aswell ..

Went to Tesco with hubby and only walked a fraction of supermarket and felt like cement weighted :-( xxx

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Bless you its just not easy is it, do you use a crutch or sick, I have started using my crutch to ease the strain whenhaving to walk anywhere esp super market. are you the only way your girls can get about? mostly I think you should lock yourself away in a hot bath surrounded by candles, lock the door and have some much needed you time, sounds like you need it. smiles and hugs xx


Aww thanks Tess lol made me smile!! Only no bath as took out and put a shower in lol

Yes i am only way to get girls to wrk as driver left who was self employed but would want paying more to do it :-/ .

My hubby is home tomoro if desperate as i cannot believe bad again grrr rooiarr lol

I just sayyy ... Ohhh it will pass! Hubby waits hand and foot on me bless as he knows how much i love my job and the frustration of this holding me back.

How are you doing. Its sooo quiet on here tonite it seems, maybe alll having bad times tooo or candle lit bath lol.. Have to smile or crack ups xxxxx huuggglys xxcazziexxx


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