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I took my doggy for a walk a while ago he saw a cat his favourite near a wall and went to get him he was on a lead normally the cat would arch up and go backwards and run off but this one didnt lol it rched up and lunged at my dog this took him by surprisse and he made the most piercing yelp he was terrified he kept making this noise for quite a few seconds it was so unny bless him but it taught him a lesson not all cats are going o run away ha ha x

oh well now going to get my yogurt so thankyou all again for all your support and tommorrow is another day so lets all look forward to it and enjoy love diddle x

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Poor doggy - that was his pride yelping as much as anything else.

I keep on saying I will go for a little walk with a doggy or two but with this weather and my poorly knees I am just not getting round to it.

Julie xx


Bless you Diddle. You have made me cry with happiness. So glad you are back and your posts are such entertainment. Much love to you xx


that made me laugh out loud, our pets are such a tonic. My cat can be a right pickle sometimes xx


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