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What to do?

Been up since 2 o clock. Full of every medicine I can take Morphine etd but my thoracic back is giving me such grief I have osteoporosis in a group of vertebrae something has kick started them some miserable movement I made yesterday I do not know where to put my self so am wedged in a chair.

suggestions to calm it down please ?

x gins

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Ohhh gins so sorry you not so good at all,

I have no help really except to try keep yourself occupid

With something and kp chatting to everyone.

I will see if can find anything out for you as i am quite lucky in some ways as i have Nurse and Dr customers.

Are your morphine injections?

When i had morphine it never lasted long as with bhms patients it doesent.

There are injections though out there to suit? That have 6 mnth lasting periods.

Not sure what you know gins as i only find out along the way xxxx

Love to you xxx


I have found that a few massages help to ease the pain it is not an instant cure (nothing is) but it eases it a bit more each massage, making the pain more bearable (depending how bad it is), hot baths and wheat bags also help me.

hope it eases soon

keep smiling


Thanks guys I am o morphine tablets thinks the patches or injections are way forward. I am sitting in straight back chair sort of wedged it is easing a little now. I do seem to suffer with pain quite acutely. Fairycazzie I am lik you only find out as it happens. Thanks again for support x gins


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