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Did anyone know the benefit payment will be stopped after 1 year??

Hi everyone, yesterday I had to attend my interview at the job centre after being awarded the bog standard benefit. For the last 10 years I have been working on a voluntary basis as part of the previous governments getting back into work scheme. This work has been good for my morale, but sometimes my health has suffered as I pushed myself. At the moment, after an extended period of time off due to my illness I've just gone back, managing about 3 hours per week doing admin work at a local surgery. I've previously been employed all my life, from having a Saturday job. The work I do is well tailored to my condition, I'm able to work as and when I can manage and the staff give me enormous support, I love being there.

I was told yesterday by the job centre advisor, that this new benefit will only be paid for a year, so within that time I need to be in paid work or be looked after by my husband, no more means testing or benefit will be allowed after next June!!!! I was distraught, I thought I would carry on as I was during the year, try to improve if I could, and then go through the assessment process again. How on earth do I go from struggling to do 3 hours work to making enough money to cover my benefit???? I use my benefit money to pay for my medical certificate to fund all my medication and for my shopping.

The powers that be say if my husband works full time he can pay for me, but why should he and what if he resents that?? What if that puts a strain on his health and our marriage?? At the moment I'm working in Mr. Camerons NHS for return, he'll abadon me after June.

Yes I can attend the well meaning workshops and training courses, but I'm perfectly capable of providing a CV, what I can't do is promise someone I can turn up for work everyday....I wish I could. After all this time and effort I might have to leave a workplace I love and thrive in, to try something I have no idea how to cope with, or stay in this workplace and receive no financial help at all.

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I totally feel for you, it is madness. From day to day we can be capable or incapable. I can not even think straight enough some days to remember to lock the doors or make a cup of tea without burning myself. I don't have any suggestions that would help but just letting you know your not alone in your frustration.xx


Thanks for your support, it means such a lot. I have had days where I've drunk w water poured straight from a boiled kettle, left my door open and unlocked all night and nearly burned the house down with forgotten candles and pans! I do wish the people who make these rules would consider how much pressure it all puts on our partners.


I really feel for you , on top of all that fm throws at us we dont need money worries . I went to the job centre yesterday the atos assessor who did my assesment decided I would be fit for work after a year mmmm not so my gp who has known me for over 20 years , but , I went off to the job centre and the lady there told me that the job centre isnt going to put any pressure on me to work or reduce my benefits but she gave me the leaflet to appeal the descision that put me in the lower rate group . I am so confused by all of it and flaring quite badly now . x


Thanks for the reply and your support. I'm so sorry Iyou are suffering at the moment. I can't advise you not to appeal as I don't know your circumstances, but from what I've been told, there is really very little chance of getting any other descision. If you do appeal get all the back up you can from CAB and drs. I wish you all the luck in the world and hope the flare doesn't last too long. X


Yes, sadly the new reforms mean any disabled person who is put in the work related group will only receive ESA for 365 days . After that they will be subject to income restriction, which basically means if you have a working partner whom you live with you can't claim the income related ESA and so your money will stop.

Those who are put in the support group will continue to receive ESA at a higher rate but will still be subject to regular assessments.

They basically expect your working partner to keep you if they consider you are capable of work related activity .

I think it's one of the cruellest parts of the welfare reforms.


Thanks for taking time to reply, makes you feel better and stronger just knowing there are people out there. My husband has worked hard all his life, we've never ben in debt even when he was once made redundant. There is a limit to his income though, and losing my wage has already given him an extra burden. This is like the olden days where I have to go cap in hand to my husband for house keeping money! I know he will help me, but it does little for my self esteem, and as I was putting something into the system I thought I could get a little bit back!


I had my last ESA assessment in Nov and was awarded 0 points after appeal I got 5 points then went to tribunal and was awarded 35 (yes 35) points but was put into the WRAG and as I'd been on ESA for over 12 months my money was stopped the end of April.

My husband doesn't work he took early retirement to support me, we now live on an extremely tight budget, I have been awarded just over £25 pw ...laughable.

BUT what tops it all is that I have just had to fill in another questionairre for ESA... I've duly filled this in, and I suppose I'll have to have another medical, if I get awarded it, will the government then pay me the full ESA or is this just a total joke.

We have enough to deal with, without being put through stressful situations all the time.


I agree totally . I've only been married since June and yet my hubby is going to be made to keep me financially . It's disgraceful. I'm not his chattel and this isn't 1912 !

It totally takes away the independence of disabled people . I really don't know what this government think they're doing .

My hubby is self employed and we are already struggling financially in this recession and we also have my disabled son living with us . If ( when ) my money is stopped it will mean the difference between being able to pay the bills and eat - or not doing one or the other .

It's scary and must surely be against our human rights . They wouldn't treat criminals this way !


Oh no! They would treat criminals better! Give them meals,tv, put them on courses, and we have to pay towards that, and fund a war nobody wanted. You have a worse situation than me, bless you, and yet you took time to support others. I hope things will work out for all of us,I shall use my very last bit of energy fighting this injustice. Bless you. X


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