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Walking back to happiness

So lately my anxiety levels have gone through the roof and my nasty little friend mr panic attack has made a very unwelcomed return. Ive just recently been classified as peri- menapausalim only young (42) doc surely u've misdiagnosed me lol) and I believe my rampaging hormones are definetly a big contributor to my fluxcuating anxiety levels.

Truth be told im turning into a pure basket case. I alturnate between periods of hysterical laughing or intense weepin usually at the most inappropriate of times and omg dont even get me started about the rage!!! Anything sets me off particular bear bugs at the minute include; ppi cold callers, junk mail, litter bugs and dogs mess in the street. My mood swings are totally irratic and I go from 0 to the hulk in a nano second. The hot flushes are something else entirely nd by the end of one I look and feel like ive just had a swim - fully clothed lol


Yesterday I decided to try to combat my anxiety through eating mor sensibly i.e. No Chocolate, junk food or treats and going for a walk last night with my sis. I havnt been able to exercise in a quare while and omg at the end of a half hour stroll I felt like i'd done 12 rounds with Mike Tyson!!!

So of course as you'd imagin after a day of denial, healthy living and exercise I awoke after a full nights sleep, refreshed painfree and eagar to start the day - heck no im in agony, grumpy, grouchy, jittery, knackered, anxious and foggy otherwise known as the 7 fibro dawarfs lol and to add insult to injury ive got a wopping big blister on the back of my heel lol

But hey ho I must be a glutton for punishment or a mr gray wanna be sub cuz im gonna put my self through it again to day!!! Ive decided to persevere wiv health plan as they keep telling me that it will help combat fibro and perhaps even help me get bk on my sore ouch blistered ouch feet :-) il keep ya informed of ma progress

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Hi, Good for you...Let us all know how you get on with the healthy living. I do try but it doesnt always work out that way.

Keep it up.

jo xx


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