What a shopping trip!

Morning, woke up with food shopping in mind, painful foot, the rest manageable, get to tescos, going well done my shop on budget! I then stubbed my toe and then squashed my little girls finger at the same time, pain started in my bladder felt like it was gona drop out! Leg hurting big time, get back to the car and banged my head, concentration depleting at this point, drive home get confused with traffic lights and stop on green, cars building up , what an idiot, at home and staying here :-)

Nicki x

2 Replies

  • Nicki what an horrendous start to your day, I always feel optormistic when going shopping then alway tell myself off on my return home for not ordering on line and gettng it deliverd. and no your not an idot, we all just want to do the so called normal things at times. nice cuppa and cake is in order it migh not feel it but you did a great job, and there is always a postive from a negative, on this occasion you did get your shopping like you set out to hugs xx

  • Thanks Tess, quite comedic really you have to laugh, hope your day going well, I did think why didn't I do it on line:-) x

    Nicki x

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