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Myself and my daughter went over to Caister yestreday to be with my daughter and Grandsons it was so nive we took a drive to hemsby which is 5 mins away in the car it was packed we took the boys to the arcades and we had doughnuts and candyfloss the boys loved it running around putting 2p in the old fashioned rolling 2p slot machines and winning lots of tickets so at the end you go into the bingo room and trade them in for a prize the boys were excited as they had 24 tickets each BUT you needed 160 tickets just to get a small lip gloss !!!!!!!!!!!!!! it was an absolute rip off so we had to try and console them and say they can come back and save up lots of tickets bless them

after an hour of being in those arcades i had had enough all those lights and music and noise i dont know how some people stand it day in day out i did say to my girls this is not my idea of a holiday coming in here everyday putting money in a slo machine but we are all different arent we

i even got sun burn on my back lol

love diddle x

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Hi Diddle, sounds like you had a lovely afternoon. Its great when the kids can enjoy themselves and run around in the sunshine, have spent many an hour doing exactly the same thing when my part time kids were little and I miss it so much now they are grown up. Gotta make the most of them when they are small!xx


Hi Diddle ,myself ,hubbub and four children went to hemsby years ago,stayed in one of the chalets there there was a nice pub up near the amusements and s lovely little fish and chip shop just at the top of a little hill before you go down to the beach.

We loved it, thanks for bringing back my memories.Sandy.


I have great memories of caister going there with my mum and dad. Chris I also see Danny La Rue at Great Yarmouth when I was a young teenager wonder are we the same age.

Diddle what a lovely day you had nothing like being with your grand kids . I was with mine in thier paddling pool

yesterday .. Such fun ...


P.s I love those 2 p machines


Hi Diddle,

We used to take our 3 children to hemsby years ago probs about 24 i think.We loved it,we also stayed in a little chalet.Thanks for bringing back my happy memories also and yes i can remember those machines too.

Take Care

Carol X


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