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I saw on the skynews last night a body had been found of that dear little missing girkl and the grandfather or step grandfather had gone awol and then he had been found later

how awful whay a tragic story i cant believe some of the things i hear who would kill for what ever reason a person who trusts and obviously loves you?????

what is wrong with people and now her parents and especiallly the Grandmother have got to live with that going over and over in their minds poor people now that is something to make you kick yourself up the backside what ever you feel today it cant possibly be anywhere near as bad as that poor family i do hope they find comfort from something idont know how or where but i hope they do


love diddle xxxxxx

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Hi Diddle,

I agree with you, how tragic for the poor family and what a waste of such a precious young life. I know we all have our moans about our illness etc, but this is nothing compared to how awful it must be to have a child taken from you in such a way, and they will never get over this, as i had a cousin who was stabbed to death a few years ago and it has destroyed and devasted the whole family, although he was in his twenties.

All we can do is pray for them.

Take care

Bonnie Lass


how awful yourfamily having to go through that irt does not nmatter the age it is still young and yes i can imagine the thoughts of that are never far fromtheir minds what ever they are douing in life i know it would never leave mre but yes we must all paray for them and hope that get some sort of comfort from somewhere bless them love diddle x


Hi what makes it so much worse in my eyes is the way that awful man was on the tv appealing for help how he could do that when he had killed her is. beyond belief. My thoughts and prayers are with all those affected by this girls death. Sue x


Not nice thinking that step grandfathet could have killed her.and why did no one not notice her body iin the house for so long.

Lot of questions to be answered.and why did her mom go awol as well.


Its so terrible feel so sad for them ,she is the same age as my granddaughter so i can understand how they must be feeling i would crack up if anything happened to her I agree Sammy whats the score with the mother.


Tragic end to a young life, may she rest in peace

Julie xx


Hi Diddle, My heart goes out to the poor child and her family you are right nothing could be as bad as their circumstances, how precious our children are ! May she rest in peace X I treasure my kids and family with all of my heart cant even begin tio imagine what they must be feeling.

Debbie xx


Hi diddle, I find this totally appalling, heard on the news that they have arrested her grandmother too - how on earth could a grandmother be instrumental in the murdering of a grandaughter - I can never cease to be amazed by man's inhumanity to man (of younh girl inthis case).

My thoughts and prayers go out to those who truly moarn her passing and are not implicit in it.

may she rest in peace, muchly dottii xx


Horrendous story! Heartbreaking! Killed by someone close to her that she should have been able to trust and feel safe with. Apparently the suspect is a known crack dealer and the police had their eye on him for a while for unrelated offences. The thing I don't understand is that the little girl's mother went out with him first and then he moved in with the grandmother as her boyfriend!

The longer I live the more amazed I am by the human race at the things that go on these days. To think the grandmother was in some way involved makes my blood run cold. This poor little child and her family, how on Earth do they ever come to terms with this. My heart goes out to them. God bless Tia, may she rest in peace.


so sad...poor girl to think how her life may have ended....tragic!!

take care everyone

Jax xx


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