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in lost of pain up and down back and in legs, cant even walk without stick.there say i have thryod rpoblem i have fib ibs hgh blood pressure

been back to doctors on monday gave me more pain killers tablets, rang up on wednesday evening told me surgergon closed you must go to hospital. waiting up there for 3 hours and was told to go back to doctors in the morning by now am crying in pain, asked for coristone injectuiion or morpine injection pain really bad. doctors walk away came back said only think i can do it put tablet up bottom acts fast than tablet through mouth, then i could not stand up and walk friend had to get wheelchair to get me back to the car park, got hme went straight to bed very upset. phone doctors next morning doctor i wanted to see is bussie, i ask i need to talk to her because she knows more about my illness then other members off her staff, recpetion lady gave me glass water look so plae and help me into doctors room.,came up from scan which i had done in july 29 this year got thyrodi problem.need mri scan on lwer part off back doctor ask me to talk a bit, she said to me you need a stick to help you. i send you for blood test this morning and try my hardest to get you a mri scan asap. since then thursday all i have done is sleep. and drink plenty of water or juice. why is my legs up and down in so much pain plse someone help me? i is there anytyhing you can think which will help me. all my dog has done is sleep near me and watch every move i take it hurts even when i turn over in the bed. and am haveing terrible nightmares has well.

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Hi ellendd,

Not sure what to say to help but try keep strong! They will try help you

If thyroid problems and do tests.

Think a lot are suffering just now with flares!

I am suffering badly at moment as neck gone again and had to be helped

Up in bed. If had no hubby or daughter even i would of got Ambulance as pains so bad.

We have to focus and persist!

But i run my wrk and have a lot of Dr's whos houses we clean. Sometimes

They find it hard and feel helpless at times. They just want to be able

To help aswell, but its about trying different things to help best can.

I hope you get sorted out asap

Soft hugs xxxxxx



Hello Ellendd,Its hard to try to explain this auful illness and I do feel sorry for you,I too have Fibro and an Underactive Thyroid,For the past months it has been attacking my back and legs..Only thing I find helps me is to try and not give in to it I use a stick and try to make myself moove I find the longer I sit the worse it hurts,Ive given up hoping that anything will help with the pain I have had and am still taking the prescribed medication for it.Ive had the Scans and Mri done they couldnt find anything concluse for me ,However I do hope they will be able to sort you out soon,I too suffer with some horriffic Nightmares but I put it down to my medication..Hang in there ..I hope you will soon get the help you need .

Warm hugs

Gandalf Xx


Bless you you're really going through it. After they confirm thyroid & give you Levothyroxine, it wont answer everything but should help with pain, lift your mood & energy levels. sometimes I get the horrible nightmares too, on a cocktail of meds. dr told me he would too if he was to have to take them& live with my probs! Might seem long way off, but once they confirm thyroid and start tablets, in couple of weeks or so really hope you start to feel better. x


thanks for your comments, had mri done yesterday.and throyid scan booked for next sunday. results have come back saying throuid ok, so why am i haveing this scan done, also itt will be a year next month that i lost my mum, i just what september to come and go. i just wish i could sleepthrough and wake up in october, i miss her so much , i think i got the start for ms. can anybody give mevice plse, mny thanks for your support


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