Neck pain, Headaches and Migranes

Hi everyone, any advice on what helps reduce Neck and Shoulder pains and / or headaches and Migranes... I've only taken over the counter medications previously as well as heat/freezer packs. Tried 2 prescriptions that made made hwadaches worse. Nothing ive tried previously no longer works for last year or two...

Prescription medications, excerise, foods??!!!

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  • I use ....

    A heated pad

    Shiatsu massager

    Biofreeze gel

    Emu oil

    Lavender eye pillow

    And as a last resort I take to pain killers (paracetamol 500/codeine 30 mg) -not all at the same time I should add!

    Also gentle stretches of neck and shoulders.

    Hope this helps

    Kind regards


  • Hi

    I have never tried Emu oil of lavender will look them up thank you :)

  • My daughter use to get ones so bad she couldn't set up. Found out it was because her mouth was to small for her wisdom teeth. Odd yes but once they were pulled the majority of her headaches went away. Now she gets stress headaches but Humm 4 kids in the house will do that. Although for the bad ones she use to get are gone! Me I have nerve damage so nothing helps that. But definitely talk to your doctor about them!!!

  • I have also watch a few online videos saying bad root canal can cause body pain too so was thinking about getting one tooth removed... a couple dentists say it can difinatley be the cause of FM symptoms I am no expert on how the body works and is all connected so I'm not sure.... but obviously worked to reduce your daughters headaches :)

  • Morning Danielle,

    I too suffer with migraines, neck and shoulder pain and have done for some time. I take rizatripan for my migraines, but you need to talk with your GP about which medication would be suitable for you as you may be on medications with contraindications. I know in my case the tension caused by the tightness in my shoulders and neck can trigger headaches (not the same as the migraines), one thing I would recommend if your shoulders and neck are very tight is massage. If you can find someone who really knows their stuff and you are prepared to put up with a bit of pain during the massage, I have found that 24 hrs later things seem to settle down and the muscles relax a bit. Of course if one could afford regular treatment that would be very good, sadly I can't, but when things get very bad it is to massage that I turn.

    Angels even has given some very good alternatives, and again I think a discussion with your doctor about what they consider a good idea could be helpful. you may even find that they are able to prescribe osteopathy, some PCTs fund it, sadly not in my area though.

    Wishing you the very best 😀

    Foggy x

  • Thanks Foggy, agreed so far deep shoulder and upper back massage is only thing so far that gives me a week or 2 relief.

    Thanks :)

  • Just thought have you had a look at the Migraine Trust site as there might be some information on there that helps. OH has them was on Sanamigran which helped make them less severe and less frequent but when he was diagnosed with Epilepsy he had to come straight off them as there was a contradiction with the tablets they had to prescribe him for that.

    They do say that if you do suffer with migraines you must make sure that you eat regularly and that you don't become dehydrated if he misses a meal he always seems to get one. He also gets on if he goes out and the sun is strong so he tries to wear a cap to shield his head and eyes and dark glasses. They also recommend that you take painkillers the moment you have any symptoms and don't wait until the migraine develops. Stress is also a big factor and arthritis in the neck can also be a contributory factor.. .Hope you can get some relief as they are horrible things.x

  • I'm afraid there is no cure for migraines, I've had them since I was around 14 and now I'm in My sixties, they have got better for a while but they always come back, I haven't eaten chocolate or cheese for years, also can't stand bright lights, or going to long without food, but the worse thing for me is stress. As for neck shoulder pains last year I had terrible pain, went to a physio in the hospital useless, already on strong painkillers so couldn't take any more, the thing that helped me was going to a chiropractor, who said it was my trapeze muscle? was inflamed, a few sessions with her and touch wood it seems ok, fingers crossed, good luck

  • I've also had since young, 11. Nothing seems to help for more than 2 weeks. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

  • I too suffer with the neck and shoulder pain, tension headaches and migraine. I don't know if anyone else has tried it but when my neck gets so painful that I don't think it will support my head for much longer I have used kinesiology tape. You can buy pre cut kits which you apply up the sides of you neck and down between your shoulder blades. It is amazing the relief that this can offer as it supports the muscles so they can relax a little more thereby easing the pain, it is also supposed to increase the blood flow to the area and speed healing which I believe is why athletes etc use it. I hope you find something that helps. Gentle hugs, Steph

  • Thanks Steph, my osteo has used this once but on my shoulders and back. Will ask her to do my neck... before my head falls off!

  • I am so genuinely sorry to read that you are suffering and struggling with such bad migraines. I have had them all of my adult life and my Neurologist has prescribed a drug called 'Sumatriptan' and they work by shrinking the blood vessels that go into the brain and hence reducing pain. It could be something that you discuss with your own GP?

    I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck with the answers that you are looking for.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • I will mention this. Thank you :)

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