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Well they saifd between 7 am and 9 am so 7 .30 am is fantastic just hope everything is there lol and we can getit all set up for my daughter to sleep in on sun night it will feel lovely as she been on the floor on pillows and stuff for 6 days and camping this weekend sio she will be so comfortable will have to drag her out for work on monday lol

oh well just await the big lorry now bet th neighbours wont be too happy with a big lorry at 7 in the morning lol oh well love to you all diddle xxxx

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Lol Diddle seems you upto same things as me hehe.

Hubby putting my older daughters old bed up (lovely unusual) but had to take down when neeeded bunk beds, bunk beds down now and her bed half up it has a canopy (not 4 poster) got from Beds r us £45 many yrs ago very thick and solid but limited edition.

I am in desperate need at moment for my 11yr old a 4 ft bed as she no longer wanted her bunk beds, so chopped in half, made double but farrr too huge for bedroom :-( so in a single .

But me being a serious bargain hunter i have to get cheap !!!

Happy bed building. Am confined to bed at moment really suffering with neck et and its hard wrk getting to loo :-(

Xxxxx fluffy hugs xx


Hey diddle. has the bed airrived yet? I do hopeso. its maddenning waiting in for deliveries that don'tarrive on time. Hope its comfy and that you don't have too fdo any aasswmbly or anything like that. Mr Fibro permiting I am taking the doglets to a local terrier racing evening in a non participating ca[acit6y . Sneding good thoughts your way, muchly dottii xx


hi bed came at 7.30 am and was all built by 1pm my dad did it in uner an hour bless him all it needs now is my daughter to sleep it in but she is at santa pod all weekend so wont see it or sleep in it until sunday night bless her she will love it it looks beautifyl her whole room does so that means she will prob meet a blike and move out now lol love to you and enjoy the terrier racing it tis raining on and aoff all the time at the min here real heavy showers then sunshine then thunder it is really weird oh well now havibg a bath as had enough today love to you diddle xx


Hi diddle, I am so envious!! Don't know if you remember but back on the 14th of July when you posted that you had ordered your daughters bed, i replied telling you that my date of delivery had been changed. Also that my step-son had ordered one after me and was to receive it before me????

Well it should have been delivered on monday, BUT!!!!!!!!! they rang on thursday to change the date again!!!! Now it'll be the 14th, or so they say!!!

It was a manager that rang, and i told them that i was not happy, to say the least, even told them the story of my step-son.

Any way here's hoping that the next time that they ring it'll be to say that they are just around the corner!!!!



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