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Hi hope that ou are all ok and hope you have all got the glorious sunshine like we have all got here today it is really beautiful here at the min i am worrying at min as my daughter is travelling up to santa pod as i type for the wekend so just waiting for the i have arrived text to come i hate it when she drives a long way but silly really as dont think anything of it when she goes off to work every day it jus a um thing lol

anyway i am feeling a bit better now i laid on bed all afternoon and jus chilled out which done me good but i know why i feel so rough i have pushed myself way too much the last few weeks and now i have hit a brick wall so no sympathy please it was all self inficted i just get frustrated as you do things you want to do and then pay for for it for weeks/days hour lol

oh well jus had a bath and now sitting on sofa with massage pad on my back which feels lovely

Argos have text to say my daughters new double bed and mattress will be here sat monring between 7 am and 9am and then my dad bless him is coming after lunch to helpset it all up

so i hope you all have alovely evening and will be back on here tommorrow at some point love and hugs diddle xxx

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:-)..hi diddle,,,good to hear ur feel better now .have plenty of relax and takecare my dear.

Hugs form me and my daugher(she love ur profile picture,she keep saying doggy,,doggy,,lol)


hi and thankyou for your kind words bless you glad your little girl likes rusty s picture he loves kids love to you diddle xxxxx


(((diddle))), i'm pleased you're fleelingbetter and I think you are perfectly entifltledto sympathy, you may have overdone it, but we are all guilty of that at times, I am heading for a bath and wish i had a massage thingy (a bit ouit of my budget ) to enjoy on the sofa. The nearest thing i get to a,a,massage ios Poppie jumping up and down on me - which isn't quite the smae. I long for massage but its a luxury I can't GP said he could refer me to a chirropracter but that he would be crinially negligent if he did in the light of my ostep[oprosis. Hey ho, but I am realy happy that things have improved for you my friend. muchly dottii xx


hi thankyou for your kind words my massage pad was only £5 my daughter bought ift off her friend who originally gort it from asda so thinnk it was only abnout £12 so i not got a posh one lol i couldnt afford that either anyway enjoy your eveng love diddle xxxx


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