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Well am worse after a rough nite :-(

I still smiling but got TV my tt (daughter) laptop and phone,

Woke in nite bit stiff but stretched and in agony

Pain killers not helped and hubby had to help lift me up off bed this morning,

Tingly and face warm, neck arm , back and back of leg and front

Feel bit breathless walking about and hurts to walk oooch

So all propped up in bed with plenty of tea xxxx

How is everypne else .

Thankfully got a stand in driver to take girls to wrk this morning,

Soooooo tired!! Xxx

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awwww bless you , it blooming stinks this fibro i have days like that no day is the same different feelings every day , you take care and rest xx gentle hugs xx


It blooming does! Barely moved but to go loo.

Poor daughter had to cancel day with friends to spend helping mee bless.

Hubby home now, he stressing, as what i did not notice, is that i dont have freeview in bedroom, so daughter loaned me hers,

Hubby: whats up with TV

Me: nothing why?

Hubby: so why you got shonas TV? ( my eldest daughters)

Me: bursts in to laughter (despite pain) ohh my god lol never even noticed swapped TV over!! I thought was mine..

Hubby: well tt sleeping out tonite so why she give you shonas?

Me: noooo idea, what does it matter lol

Hubby: because that does not make sense.

So he swaps everything around again and after all that cannot find remote , so before swapping dont ya think should of checked 1st .

He been home 10 mins and i want him to go back to wrk!!!!

It has been heavenly peaceful and stressless bar sorting a driver to cover my customers.

Dr's phoned me 3 times today and asked to go up there to see them

Me: i am suffering too much to come ! But they not exactly offer to come down if concerned they missing something!

All i wanted was stronger pain relief. But to go Hospital if anything else develops,

My hubby phoned to tell them me not fit enough to go.

Remote still mussing and hubby still stressing!!!!!

I laid calm lol



jeeez what a day your having and you are staying calm haha i totally understand the hubby thing they over think everything i reckon xx gentle huggs x


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