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What are your opinions of Duloxetine?

I took my first dosage of Duloxetine this morning, just 30mg.

Within about 10 minutes I was feeling very tired and a bit floaty, not too unpleasant but a bit unexpected. I laid down on the bed for 10 minutes .... 8 hours later I woke up! I've had a few bad nights recently so that partly explains the tiredness. Just wonderd if this level of drowsiness was to be expected?

Is it okay to take Duloxetine before you go to bed rather than in the morning? I think this might suit me more.

I'd love to know what other members think.

Julie xx

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Hi Julie, I take mine in the morning now as it tends to keep me awake! Just goes to show that we are all different. Jane x


hi julie i have been on these for about 4 years before I was told I had fibro I am on 60mg I cannot remember that far back sorry take care love beth x


I tend to take mine @ night although supposed to have them a.m. because I find they do have a sedating effect, although not as much as when I started on them. I have the trays where meds. are in little 'windows' for the day of the week/time of day. Trouble is I hate every single one of them, have trouble swallowing them, usually end up re-adjusting time of day to take them & lucky if I manage to take all I should daily. Where possible, they give me liquids which of course taste disgusting, but I must be a nightmare to treat & I would give them 10/10 for effort! Thank God for patches! In recent years I have developed an horrendous needle phobia (anyone ever had the arterial blood tests?). Trouble is, i need an op. on my hands and I cannot have a general anaesthetic because of a lung condition so they would have to do it using local! I'm starting to think I've really upset someone 'up there'!!


It makes me feel normal, what ever that is, I take 60mg in the morning it takes me a while to get going in the morning wether I'm on meds or not, there very good for fibroymialga, joints etc they use them for arthritis so I've been told,

Regards Nicki xxxxx


Hi Julieevh, I have been taking Duloxetine for about 2 months, first taking 30mg, took 2-3 weeks to take effect on pain in legs and feet, abit better. Slightly helped sleep not much. Now taking 60mg, not much difference, Still have lots of the other fibro symptoms. Never felt 'hungover' with these unlike others i have taken before for depression. I take mine at night. Hope this helps xxx


I have my tablets in the trays too, too many tablets too much brain-fog lol.

I think I'll ask for future ones to go into the night window with my simvastatin.

Julie xx


i have been on them 7yrs for depression for 6yrs was on 90mg..same is my psychritrist started lowing the dose in fibro was never mentioned to him...long storie.i am now on 30mg.since decrease i have noticed i am in alot more pain in areas i was'nt before.i was ment to see him in 3 months but after joing this group just over amonth ago..i have made an appointment with him sooner gt it end of the month.hoping he will increase them back up..he was taking me of them as my depression has nt been bad for awhile...i am so gratefil for this site as i found out about a condition i was diagnosed 5yrs ago...which gp never ever sad anything about all i gt at that time poor mans ME.xx


Morning I take Duloxetine in the morning must admit have no problems with them - or not to my knowledge- they certainly help me cope.

The dose is 60mg and if you can I would pursue takeing them if they really are not for you back to the DOc good luck xgins



I have been taking Duloxetine for 6-7 years now, don't remember exactly so can't recall what they were like when I first started on them.

I seem to be on a higher dose than mentioned because I have to take 2 x 60mg a day. I take one in the morning & one at night. I think they are excellent, they are one of those meds that when you have been on them for at least 6 months, you take for granted. It's not until you stop for a few days whatever reason, ran out or tummy bug for example, that you realise just how much they help you.

Anyone that is fairly new to them though, please beware of running out of them because they will make you have horrible dreams, absolutely dreadful macarbe dreams, very frightening. I find one night ok, second night my legs are twitchy & starting to feel unsteady in the daytime, third night the vivid dreams & feeling very weird through the day. Floaty is a good word to use, it feels like your walking on clouds & that your on the outside looking into the room instead of being part of it, also the fibro pain is very noticable. The longest I ever went without it has been four days & I felt shocking!

If there is one medicine that I will never run out of again it's duloxetine!

I would say that they are worth perservering with, unless you have very bad reactions to them.

I hope this helps

Jane x


, Hello there, I take 60mg and i can say that i Couldn't cope without it. Like you I started off on 30mg and like you i slept for long periods. However after about a week or so I started to feel ok. More relaxed, yes, and if i was at home all day then yes i think i would probably have a nap every afternoon, but on the plus side i would not be able to go to work without them. Duloxetine have Serotonin in them, this is made naturally in the body and a lack of it causes symptoms of depression. Getting the balance is the key. Duloxetine is also prescribed for diabetic neuropathy (nerve pain). As fibro is increasingly thought to stem from neuro problems I believe (personal belief, not researched) that we will see an increase in this drug being used for fibro patients. Before i started taking D (Duloxetine) I was on the sick and could only ask what i had done to deserve to live in the hell i was (pain). D not only helped with the pain relief, it helped me to be strong enough to deal with the remaining pain and the peaks of nightmare pain that we all experience. My advice as a fellow sufferer would be to stick with it for at least a month and then go back to your GP if there is no improvements. Remember that we all react differently to these drugs and there is not a generic drug regime suited to relieve fibro sufferers.

Sorry if this is a bit long winded, good luck X


Is duloxetine related to fluoxitine I am only asking cos duloxetine sounds quite good but I know I have really bad side effects with fluoxetine and seroxat dr took me off them and put me on dosulepin ... No probs with that at all. The other two gave me uncontrolable muscle spasms and my jaw would lock shut leaving me unable to talk or eat till it wore off



i had the same problem i am on duloxetine now for 4 years and have no side affects it takes a while to find the right meds it took me about a year dont gave up keep trying good luck x


i was on 60mg s but my depression came back so back up to 90 mgs i think there very good for all over pain dont get me wrong it numbs some of the pain also they are a very good anti depressent as i have tried alot of medication and i found these easier to tollerate x x


Well I have taken it for two tears now, I take it for pain as

I don't get depressed only with a flare not sure if that is

Depression, but I get tearful then.

Anyway I,thought it was rubbish, and decided to stop which

I did bit by bit, and found that once it was out of my system

In fact it was not rubbish, and had been working, this is prescribed

A lot for diabetics as they get a lot of pain in there legs.

I only take a low amount but feel better on it than not taking

It, I never know when to take it but, I now take it in the morning

And that is good for me.



I have just started Duloxetine, am on 30mg but due ti increase next week. I take it with Pregablin, Ametryptiline & codeine. I have to be careful as I have Angina, so can't take anything that may clash with other meds. I take mine in the morning, as instructed, no real problem except that I sleep longer & have more vivid dreams. No help yet, but have been told that I'll probably need to go to 90mg before I get a noticable difference. I hope it will start to help soon


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