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Oh i am on a moaning one today I sent my DLA renewal off the beginning of June and still not heard anything, I get higher rate mobility and I really depend on my car for everything.

It took me a review, second opinion and then I was taking it to appeal and they agreed on higher rate mobilty only and I need help but didnt argue for that as in the end I was gratful to get what I did and they gave it me for 3 years but that was only a year ago they backdated it so I have to go throught it all again 11 months later its so unfair I could cry at times !!!!!

I feel really down today about everything Iphoned them and all they say is no discision has been made yet OMG!!!!!!!!!! i could scream when they say those words

Why do they treat us with Fybro so badly I wish they could have my life for a month and then they would know wouldnt they.

Sorry for the rant its just the way I feel today I hope you are all having a better day than me, will speak soon I am going to have a cry on my own and get over myself and carry on as usual


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I waited 8 weeks to hear from them, only to be told they want a report from my GP . ( And they couldn't have told me that after a week ?? ) . I sent my renewal form back in May .

I've had lower rate care and lower rate mobility for 8 years with no problems at all.

The problem is my GP barely knows me . I'm agoraphobic and so rarely see him and I've only been with him since March .

I'm expecting a refusal this time .


Its unbeleivable isnt it they put us through hoops trying to prove we are not ill when we really are I only wish they could feel how we do for a month and then they would be more sympathetic wouldnt they good luck hope it goes well for you x


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