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I waited all day yesterday for mty new phone to come and jus when i thought it would not be here it came woo hoo i thought it was a galaxy ace by samsung in purple a touch screen i mamged to set most of it up myself but after only 3 hours i knew it was no good for me luckily at moment i am having alot ofpain with my hands and fingers which is good as i really struggledto hold the phone i found it quite heavy to my old phone and bulky i know it is a shame but i knew that i would not get on with it even though it is a lovely phone so i called o2 up and they said it was fine thre was a 7 day cooling off period anyway so i have packed it all up and will be sendinf ]g it back first thing this morning and i am back to my ols phone my daughter bought it for me for christmas it is a little flip up one an alcatel purple one but it is so tiny and light and it suits me i only text and call take the odd pic and video well one since i had it lol so i will stick to that

so diddle and all this technology plus fibro dont really go together

love diddle xxxx

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Hi diddle, you sound just like my mum except she can't even txt lol I luv getting new phones im itching for a new one now but have to wait until january :-( but i can understand your reasons for keeping your 'old' one :-)

Gentle hugs

Hilly xx


Hi diddle ive the samsung sll which is touch screen it took me a while to learn how to use it but i did find a (really cant think what it is called) but its like a pen and you just touch the screen and keypad with it, it makes the phone easier to use, mind you every now and then when fibro fog comes along i can just look at it think how do i do that lol x

Have a good day

Lin x


Hi diddle your right about fibro not going with technology, I've lost count of the amount of times that I've gone to delete an e-mail then got a fibro jerk and deleted the one above as well!!!!!!



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