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hi everyone,aint been on here for a while!apparently ATOS have won to test everyone for disabilty!2013 to 2016 everyone on disabilty will have to Reapply!!all those forms etc again!i thought after they were shown in there true light on that program last week the goverment would look at them...but no the goverment are behind them!!!so be preparred yet again to fight for disabilitys!

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Terrible outcome Lollypop, however, ATOS have not won all of the contract and it doesn't include Wales. Mind you, I doubt the people covering Wales are any better!!. Keep calm and fight the good fight, we have come this far so we cannot give up now xx


hi just want to ask , does that include those that have been given it for life ,


hi yeah everyone im afraid!iv had it over 11 yrs wont get better(spine probs as well as fb)everyone will have to apply as only two levels,high or low,if you can walk/use your arms even if your blind you wont pass!its shocking&goverment are to blame.hugs x


this is the link x


Disgusting goverment dont care we live on poverty line.they sleep well at nite.


hi sammy no they dont care,its a struggle not a joy being on benifits!hugs x


Yep its lonely at times,a constant struggle daily with pain money stress.

You cant afford luxuries.

After paying for car insurance ,bills where left with 10.00 to buy food with.we need the car on road for hospital,docs etc.

Does anyone care.

I cant afford to give my kids pocket money,or help towards school uniform.x


Hi lollypop, just posted this on a similar blog, ..seems very very suspicious to me, what a load of s**te

I'm wondering exactly what the true cost of this little lot, this latest " bright idea/wheeze" is going to cost the dwp etc, the change of name, change of benefit...all the thousands of letters being sent out for starters.

Where exactly are the "savings" being made, by getting people off disability etc, when they are paying up to a BILLION to the idiot A..tossers. We can only wonder why the gov't insist on using such an unpopular, incompetant, uncaring, lying company. They really have not got the concept of how useless they are..well the system they have implimented...not fit for purpose spring to mind. But, we should expect little from a gov't who just do not listen to anyone or care what misery they inflict on us.

One can assume Atos being a French company...none or very little of it's massive profits will be kept effect we're funding France..ppfftt, blood is beginning to boil.

Vent over.. :-}

Take care all

Jan xx


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