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Do not know why but feel a little sorry for the troll, even though he was abusive feel that they had a lot of problems, and they came on this site the wrong on, and it all got out of hand. Or am i being to soft and they are really nasty people who d not understand this sort of disabilty because it is hidden. I get strange looks allm the time when I park leagally in a disabilty bay. Even though i use two sticks and struggle to walk and am not old or visibly disabled maybe a diddle suggested we all need a large badge ?/

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Can't say I did webby. No matter how bad your own personal problems are it's no excuse to come onto a support group just to upset people.

I find that those with genuine disabilities are compassionate toward other people . Disability isn't a competition to see who's condition is worse !


now you say it you are right its not a comeption but people so beleive it is how sad is that


i think you are a very kind person, i also couldnt help feeling a bit sorry for the troll, when i read what he/she had been through and how bitter/sad they had ended up, i have a friend whose son has some brain damage and comes across a bit like that person did, it just makes me wonder.

it can be, "here for the grace of god go i".


I'd agree Susie if I thought they were a genuine person, however I have my doubts. Trolls generally come onto sites to cause trouble and I have my suspicions that all three were the same person .

Sorry, but in my view there is no excuse for hurting people and being so aggressive, particularly toward one member who's opened her heart up here .

Some members were also on the receiving end of some very nasty PM's.

I'm afraid my sympathies lie with them and not with the troll.



I dont even think if it was stamped on our forehead we would be believed


That's sadly very true . I had experience of this with my autistic son who looks " normal " and I'm now suffering the same myself with Fibro.


this true. I know a lady who gets full care because she is obese how sad is that but she has no problems no need to justify her illness no degrading tribunals. but she has visible problems self inflicted in some ways


Sad but true webby , being obese is something people can see , whereas Fibro is invisible .

To be honest what I can never understand is how people think we'd choose to be like this .

Personally I'd much rather be fit and healthy and able to work, at least then I wouldn't be living on a pittance I have to beg for . Fibro isn't a life-style choice as some seem to think, and disability benefits don't enable a life of luxury as seems to be the common assumption amongst those lucky enough to not need them ! ( I'm referring here to those who don't suffer it, not those who still manage to struggle to work and have it ) .


being obese is something people can see, thats true, what people may not see is how/why for example the woman got like that.sometimes its an emotional/depression even an addiction issue. i just think , i with my fibro dont like being judged by folks who dont know me, maybe we do judge others?


I don't judge people Susie . I am simply saying that obese people have a visible disability . Of course there may be many reasons for this, which is why I don't judge.


I`m sorry but I really don`t think there was a thing wrong with this person,except in his head.



i agree and to take it out on us 2 butterfly was disgusting and to personally attack us .i was very scared and felt vulnerable.

i came on here because your all so kind not to be ridiculed and slated for nothing other than opening up on here.xx


i just think they sickos who target vulnereable people on sites like ours !!

no sympathy, swift quick between there legs is what i prescribe lol xx


This matter is resolved now folks, so no more posting on this thread please.

We are encouraging all members to read the Blog below which advises what to do should we be in that situation again. Please click on the link and read it, many thanks.





oops feel like im had my hand smacked for having an opinion feel do not belong on this sight. no one is perfect so bye


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