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well just a si had given up on my phone coming the DPD man just knocked on thre door and it is here woo woo now i have got to learn how to use the thing lot of you hav esaid you have it and its easy to use and you all love it so will update you later lol i will either love it or want to throw against the wall what i normally feel like doing when i get a new phone oh well folks i am now off to suss out this phone wish me luck as def need it my daughter atwork until 5 pm so will try to do it alone love diddle x

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i love new phones but i do stuggle good luck xx maybe you can app us ??

gentle dyslexic hugs


since getting a blackberry its helped my loads with my memory, or rather it is my memory lol! my kids also call it my brain


I change my phone twice a year i get so tech gadgets.


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