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Hididoodls everyone:-)

Sorry I haven't been around a certainphone company has been playing games & let us down with our conections! & I went & fell over a tree stump then twisted my ankle so wearing a very black & blue bruse from top of shin to arch of foot :-!

As soon as broad band is in I will be back on. Hope you all are as well as you can be.

Love you& hugs to you all xx

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Hope you get phone company sorted thought had'nt heard from you lately. Do hope your foot gets better soon i bet that was painful. Do you find you bruise easy. soft hugs Marg xx


hello hope your foot gets better soon love beth xx


Evening.get better soon and hugs back xx


Hello Poppy!

So pleased you are ok apart from your bruises!

We look forward to seeing you once your internet is sorted out. Take care. :)


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