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Monday Morning Morning every one

The sun has just woken up here and I hope it beats the grey away! My handles are miss behaving today (had to put the splints on) what a nuisance still at least I am not a concert pianist!

La La La - I am not an opera singer either- I am just me a bit barmy . very willing to help take things to heart have a good sense of humor quite arty hopefully not farty-compassionate passionate about the theater- always was my first love. Floristry and horticulture my second love then books glorious books I love books ----- Men ............ well not for a long time body does not help. I dont know where this is going has anyone read any thing good recently? Love to know

Today is boring normal things Docs shops cleaning I am shattered already Dont do to much every one gentle hugs catch you later x gins

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Gooood morningg :D Seems nice outside today but heard its a little chilly :(! In pain today but on a brighter note my mother in law found my splint!!! THANK GOODNESS!!!! needing it at the moment!

Hmmmm not a reader, I use to but cant concentrate at the moment! Thought i would have a little nose in to the 50 shades trilogy though but got to the 2nd book and now cant concentrate long enough! lol!!

Take it easy gentle hugs xxx


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