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After 2 days filling in their what i call essay , i received a phone call 9.10 am this morning (sat) to inform me i need to go for a medical ! i could have cried not only had that call woke me , id had a really bad night kept waking with pain especially back an hips had taken both co-codamol an tramadol last night and during the night . Have osteo and the dreaded fibro , i really wanted to say come to my house and see first hand how i live in my home , what its like for me an all of us who have it what we go through , i felt even more low when i put the phone down !

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My husband says that's exactly what you should have said.... You cannot make it to them they have to asses you in your home. He says as soon as you prove you can make it to them they use that against you , ie you made it here you could make it to a job. Making them come to you adds to your case how bad you are. I don't know if that is possible but if I were you I would phone them and tell them you can't get out.


It is possible to request a home visit , but I think you need backing from your GP as they want proof you can't make it to them.

That's what I'll be doing for my next ATOS assessment in Feb next year .


Yes you need a letter from your GP to send either by fax or post. The guy from ATOS told me on the phone that it needs to be very exact as to why you can't attend and they can refuse the letter so it has to be worded well. I ended up getting worried i would be let down by the letter an have agreed to attend what will be my 2nd medical x


first I would have been concerned the call was genuine... didn't think they worked weekends!

The ATOS doctor I saw, asked me why didn't I request a home visit, he said I should of. I just said I didn't even know I was allowed to request one. I thought when they write to you first before they phone you if they think you may not be able to attend they would tell you what to do in that letter.

when have you got your appointment ? you may still have time to request a home visit.

wishing you luck xx


Guess they are being offered overtime because of the backlog, probably double time too! Both my assessments have been at that sort of time and when I tell them I need a pm appointment both times I have given one for a Sunday afternoon. I wouldn't be able to get a home assessment as they know I can drive short distances and I am only a few minutes away from the clinic xx


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