Just finishing off the chores,should be done in half an hour.

Then,off to buy a dine in for a tenner to have while watching the Olympics Opening tonight.

Then a swim and off to see my mum before driving out to our caravan for the weekend.

Sounds like a good plan and hope we get some sun today,clouds are looming though.

Not too great up North,you are doing much better than us in the South.

Try not to let Mr.Fibro get you down too much! Gentle hugs all round xxxx

3 Replies

  • Enjoy - I felt so envious when I read this! Hope the sun keeps shining and you have a fab time xxx

  • Hope you have a lovely time I so love caravan holidays but unfortunately no holiday this year but I am enjoying the sun now it has arrived.

    Enjoy Sue xx

  • I'm off in a caravan on Monday - sounds like an Enid Blyton novel ...... two go off in a caravan lol

    Julie xx

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