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tears at bedtime

had a bad day yesterday. did a little shopping and was worn out when i got back. partner has a possible trapped nerve in his back so cant lift.. i put the shopping away and went to get changed and just taking my top off reduced me to tears. rested up for the rest of the day as much as is possible but got a little snappy with my partner and he with my. by 8pm went to bed alone and cried. i was so sore and so fed up of all the irritating pain.. partner came up about hour and half later and after a chat and a cuddle i had calmed down. this was the first time for a while that i had let the pain reduce me to tears. being told on tuesday i have G.O.R.D. ( reflux disease) didnt help as it is something else i have to learn to live with.

feeling sore today but not as emotional.

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Im exactly the same as you! Ive just been diagnosed with chronic gastritis after a full month of almost constant pain and a hell of a lot of vomiting! Its horrendous isnt it? I would wake up and within ahlf a minute i would throw up. It eased a bit but lasted all day. Ive been to hospital twice with it in the last month altho i know ive had symptoms of it for the last 2 years. It was that bad that last weekend my sister convinced me to let her ring the socual services to see if i could get respite care for my 2 gransons who ive taken on as my own.

There is a hell of alot of stress on me at the moment. ( read my blog, pain for a bit of background if youre interested) i have to learn how to relax and not worry all the time but its much easier said than done. If you do read my blog, you will understand a bit more.

I really hope you feel better soon! I take lansoprazole 30 mg twice a day and also i take motillium 4 times a day. I find this helps alot. When i first started with this i couldnt even hold down water and lost alot of weight but now i can eat, even if its a pretty bland diet.

Have you discussed this with your dr? They can give you ideas on what to eat that wont cause flares. Im hsppy to tolerate this diet. I dont EVER want to go through that agsin! I was seriously ready to end it sll as all i could think about was, if this is gonna be my life from now on, i dont want it.

Im glad youre feel ing a bit better and i hope that You can get the help you need. Its a really horrible thing to have.

I found out yesterday that my sisters 4 month old baby girl has suffered from this since she was born. I feel so sorry for the poor little thing bless her. Shes having an endoscopy so hopefull this will tell us what the problem is.

Im a bit naughty but ie pinched a diazepam from my mum who suffers with alot of ailments including fm and i have taken half the last couple of nights. It seems to have helped me relax and i havent felt so bad. Im gonna ask my gp for some. Ive had them before so i know im fine on them and they are only a small dose which i halve anyway. Muscle relaxants could help your boyfriend. He should go see his gp and also check he has the right pain relief. I have intermittent sciatica. Not bad thank god but the pain on top of fibro can drive you bloody mad!

You should always go see your dr and discuss this before you try anything new and i wuld NEVER tell people to take other peoples tablets. I know im ok with this and as they are exactly what ive had before i took the chance. This works for me but it might not for everyone

I also have to say thst i find duloxetine pretty helpful. I tske one in the morning, 30mg and have energy. Im supposed to double the dose in a couple of weeks to 60mg so lets see how that goes. The only thing i will say is that i get the shakes for a bit after taking them. They are supposed to start working on neuropathic ( think thats right lol) pain as early as a week and depression as early as 2 weeks. So far so good. My moods no different but i can at least do things again. Not much but is definitely better than feeling im so heavy that im gonna sink through the sofa lol.

Anyway, im sorry about the long post. Hopefully ive written something that will help you but if not then all i can say is that im sending many healing thoughts your way!

Love and gentle huggles

Chilli50 xxx


hi chilli.. i am on lanzoprazole 30mg once a day.. was on previoulsy but had to stop it becasue it caused bacterial overgrowth in my bowels and stopped me absorbing calcium tablets i had to take after a parathyroid and completion of tyroidectomy op.. i was having problems swolloing my the ent consultant refferred me to a general surgon and i had a gastroscopy which found ulcers in my osphegos( spelt wrong) and the duodenum, i also had a swallowing test. after these i then went on a 10 week course of lanzoprazole at 60mg and when i saw the cons on monday he told me out of 10 swallows i do 8 are normal. 1 is slow and 1 didnt work at all. this means my muscles in my neck are not working properly and there is nothing they can do. i already cant eat lactose, eggs or pasta and cant over stimulate my bowels with fibre as it causes severe diarreoah.

thanks for the reply. it is nice to know i am not alone...xxxx


My husband has GERD and get a lot of bother with it, he takes lanzoprazole. He had to go to the out of hours doc at the weekend for an unrelated problem but the GERD was mentioned at one point & the doc he saw told him that on his notes that he'd recommend hubby gets tested for H.Pylorii a bug that can cause ulcers & tummy problems.


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