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I painted the trellis yesterday and then i sat in the sun for 2 hours then went to pick my mum up for her i lipo then done it for her then went to the shop for my sisiter and to town for her then walked the dog then done tea for my daughter hen had bath and sat down and my partner called can i g pick him up and take to other end of town to pick acr up he had bought so done that and as it was nice stro;llred down the sea wall then got home at 8.45 fully washed out

went to bed at 11 pm and been awake nearly all night with my hands hurting anfd all my hips well generally my whole body but then what do you expect !!!!!

but i wont give in i refuse to i will crry on as much as i can

love toyou all diddle xxx

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that's the spirit, go girl but give yourself plenty of me time as you do so much for others x


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