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I went to help my sister at her beauty room for 3 hours yesterday then came home and had to pop to the bank for her got back and was all reaqdy to sit with a drink on my bed and chill when my daughter callled and said come out the fron tof your house so there she sits in her new people carriere she hd to get one as expecting 3rd baby so needed a bigger car and has been without one for a week so off we go to get the tax after she printed out the insuance here then we popped to my mum and ddad to show them then she wanted to look round the new shop so we meet my other daughter up there and have hour looking rounfd anyway needless to say by the time everything was done i got in the bath at 7.45 so much for my relaxing afternoon

so i am paying for it now lol never mind i will get my reward in heaven love diddle xx

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