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A new this to do with fybro????

Hi wondered if anyone can help me i have fybro and i get the pain all over my body from the tips of my fingers to the soles of my feet....recently my right shoulder has been agony and it is hurting when i breath just under my shoulder blade in my back. I was awake with this all night. Is this a new symptom or something else


carrie x :D

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We obviously get lots and lots of weird pains. This is something that always concerns me that something is seriously wrong and I will think it's a fibro pain. A doctor once told me if the pain is severe and it affects you in other ways IE fever feeling or being sick or something that's causing major distress we need to check it out. I think if it affects your breathing you should go to doc. Also we don't need anything to keep us awake. We can do that our selves. It's better to be safe love


Hello Bobbin, thank you for your message. With Fibromyalgia we can feel pain all over our bodies. We don't necessarily feel pain in the same places all the time, the pain can migrate all over our bodies, sometimes it's in more places than other times.

The tender points that are characteristic of Fibromyalgia affect specific parts of the body - the elbows, around the neck, the front of the knees and the hip joints, for example. These are painful in response to the slightest pressure.

Widespread muscle pain and fatigue plague those with Fibromyalgia. People affected describe the pain as throbbing, aching, stabbing or shooting in nature. They will often say they 'ache all over'. It's often associated with stiffness, which, like the pain, may be worse first thing in the morning. Those with the condition may become hypersensitive to pain, finding that even the slightest touch is painful, and that pain lasts longer than would be expected.

Triggers can aggravate the pain and there are many. Common ones include stress, fatigue, changes in the weather and even physical activity.

Having said all that, if you have a particular pain that you haven't had before, that restricts your breathing for example, it's always best to get it checked out by your Doctor. :)


Thankyou both i will get this checked monday morning xxx


I agree Bobbin, get it checked out.

Funnily enough I posted about this problem - telling the difference between a "Fibro pain" and a "Damage pain"; I'll basically wait and see if it passes (my Fibro pains wander around a fair bit) but it is very confusing as ALL the pains are real and genuine whether caused by fibro or actual damage to bone, skin, organs, muscles etc

Julie x


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