I find it so strange that i never see any other dog walkers when i go out early in the morning as there are hundreds of dog owners arond me but i am the only one out at that time wonder why ?????? lol

oh well will gosee what we can see on our travels today i have found a passport one morning and handed it in to police i have also found a wallet but that had the person driving licence and address in it but turned out my daughter knew them so she got that back to its oner so you never know what you gonna find on them streets lol a nice carrier bag full of 20 pound notes would be nice with no name or anything on it oh well we can dream love diddle xxxxx

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  • we could all do with one of those carriers lol x gins

  • how kind are you .. to hand things in and be so honest xx gentle dyslexic hugs

  • Haha diddle

    You the moonlight street comber lol. Yeah bag of

    20's mmm . Ohhh well never mind.

    You have to take one of them things diddle

    That finds treasure haha xxx

  • Sounds good / bag of £20s. I guess not so good for you waking up so early but your little dog must love it!!! Gentle hugs xxx


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