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Fibro Fogg ?? & HELP on this new benefit that's taking over incapacity

Was at my doctor today for check up

Just feel I am falling apart she said my bad memory

Is got to do with all My meds I am on

I all so found out that I am not meant to be taking any more than 400mg of Tramadol aday

No matter what form I take it I was taking 200mg sr morning and night then if I really got sore I would have taken a few 50mg fast relies in between. She is so nice that she said to

Me I never heard that . Now o. Top of it I have to c someone about getting the change over benefit I am so thick I wonder what everyone was talking about. And how hard it is to get not knowing that it was replacing incapacity I FEEl SuCk A Dope

Now I will worrie about this bloody hell if we could work we would GOD I would love a job that the employer would let me come and go as I souks know I would not be there two days in a row WHAT do I need to do please ??????Help

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ok , when you do a change from incapacity you go on a benafit what is call esa , you will prob have to have a medical to see which group you go in as theres a esa work relaed group were you have to go for interviews at you local job centre in view of getting you back into work , and you get it for 12 months .

and theres esa support group were you dont have to go for interviews , this one though is very hard to get in to . hope that helps . x


ESA replaces incapacity benefit. You will be sent a form to fill in when your time comes to swap.

Start collecting your evidence about your medical condition(s) from medical folk eg appointments letters, carers, care plan.

Get advice helping fill it in

1 from the CAB - ring for an appointment the day you get your letter - the CAB have had their funding cut and are very overstretched.

2 See if your social services department have someone to help you

3 Subscribe to for their invaluable advice sheets all about ESA and DLA

I had to have an interview under IB, the girl at jobcentre plus was very apologetic at having to put me through the procedure - we went through her checklist and agreed I was unemployable ... I would imagine the ESA version won't be much different - I received the letter yesterday saying I have to go 10/9/12 and quite honestly it doesn't worry me because I know no one in their right mind would offer me a job!

Julie x


You don't have to subscribe to benefits and work, just email lindseymid and she will send info. Fibroaction is a group member which means we do not have to subscribe as individuals x


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