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a big phewwwwwwww

well after being put in the work group i sent a leter asking me to be looked atagain. sent letter from my carer, my daughter, and my gp.....just had a fone call theve put me in the social group now. will be revued again in 2 or 3 yrs time.............keep fighting people, you WILL win in the end if you keep of luck.........i can now go visit my daughter who has a colapsed lung up country. instead of the interveiw at the job center next week..yipeeeeeee xxxx julie

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Well done Ginge! So pleased for you! :) :)


Congratulations, the more wins on the site the more hope I have that I can win my case too



yep we all got hope. like everyone says just dont give up...the letter from off me gp was a massive help. she put on it that i wouldnt be ablle to work, it goes a long way......... xxxxxxxx


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