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Which came first...fibro or car crash?

In December of last year i was the back seat passenger in a double impact car accident. The other car drove into my door at 40 mph sending our car spinning out of control only to end up embedded in a lampost. The other occupants escaped with minor injuries which was a blessing as my 6 year old daughter and her little friend were in the back seat with me, when i saw the other car coming i threw myself across them leaving my right hip sticking out and this is where the other car hit us. I was rushed to hospital with a suspected broken hip, facial injuries, whiplash and back problems but fortunately they took 1 x ray and they didnt see any fracture. Since then ive had so much pain from my right hip and im backwards and forwards to my gp who is trying her best but the fibro and the hip are just so painful. The other drivers insurance has paid for lots of private physio sessions but they refuse to pay for anymore cos they arent helping. I now have to wait til september then im going to see a private orthapaedic consultant andalso a private rheummy asmy solicitor thinks that either the fibro is exagerating the hip or vice versa...can this be possible? Can an injury like that be made worse from fibro? I didnt have probs with that hip before? Are they just trying to fob me off i wonder? gentle hugs xx

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Hey i was in a 5 car pile up on motorway.a taxi hit back of us,at 100mph.

And threw us across all 3 lanes.

That was 3 years ago now and i was in remission.not worse pain.

Been told it made it worse.

Im so sorru for you and can only sympathise with you.


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