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It has been a funny old week

W strangely occupied meeting people and going places which is unusual . There are times when I feel very lonely even though I have good friends close by. Strange I do not want to be in their pockets but waves of loneliness just attack me when I am not looking. Anyway it has been a good week went out to Afternoon tea with a friend for her birthday treat. Great fun little sandwiches , scones, cakes jellies . Why did the world ever loose this institution and thank goodness it is back. If only for a couple of hours you can relax and be waited on- most enjoyable. Now having lived the good life am back to hankering after going in the garden , my passion , growing things so please let the sun shine for a while and pottering is feasible Today I have nothing planned except the usual house work urgh not my passion all though I could in my imagination make it a bit saucy .... . ah no one to be saucy with x gins

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glad you had a good week :) i saw on the news that it might be very warm at the weekend !

yay ! so i hope it it is so you can enjoy your garden xxx


Hi Gins glad you have had a good week and I hope the sun shines for you to potter in your garden. i hope it shines for me as I have masses of washing Take care Sue xx


i think saucey all the ime it keeps me laughing if i have to wait anywhere i imagine folks doing what they are doing buck naked sometinesi laugh out loud and look and feel like a complete


that feeling of lonliness is actuay a feeling of hopelessness. dont give in to it it can happen even when when you are surrounded by people petal


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