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New type of polish!!

I was doing some cleaning yesterday, set about polishing my desk and printer and thought to myself how nice the polish smelt. Put the can and duster down to go and do something else and on my return I noticed I had been cleaning with Fly Spray!!! well it did a good job.

My hubby just looked at me and shook his head in despair. I seem to do and say so many weird things nowadays. :)

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Oh dear grins evilly.... Better to mistake it for polish though than hairspray .... Not a good thing to be sitting with a load of dead flies in your hair :)


ah bless that made me laugh hun i dont feel so bad now coz i do daft things all the time lol xxx


i had one of them days a couple mnths ago.....well most days are like that lol...i was making a brew and put carpet cleaner in mugs in stead of the


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