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has anyone else got legs that are sore to touch

I have swelling in my legs and feet but now they are sore to touch and when I rest them against anything they indent to the bone. I am not aware of that untill I move them - now they hurt when I touch them like they are bruised. I am off to specialist today this is first visit since I was in Hosp for ten day on leg rest they didn't do this then - just swelled. Has anyone else suffered this? x gins

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Being sore to the touch can be a part of Fibro, but combined with the swelling/oedema you are describing, this does not sound like Fibro. Oedema can be a sign of something serious as can painful swelling, so do get this properly checked out asap.


I get painful legs and feet along with burning sensations especially in my feet it feels as if someone is holding a blow torch to my feet. I also get the feeling in patches that my skin is sore.

My socks leave there mark on my ankles and some times depending on what shoes i wear they leave there mark also.

Good luck at the hospital today.

Take Care

Jo xx


I dont get swelling but i cant even sleep on my bedding now i have to sleep on a fleece with half of it covering me as my legs cant bear any weight and everything makes them burn and feel sore.

I think with the swelling as we you need this appointment.

Hope they sort it for you. xx


I am having the same problems with my legs. Started around a year back and slowly worsened. The swelling was treated as water retention (indents that do not re fill immediately prove this),but has never fully gone so am on water tabs daily. They now hurt and indent all the time.

The advice to get them checked is Very Important. Please do it ASAP.

I have just moved home so am seeing my new doc this Friday. If you had not posted I may not have remembered to put this on my list of topics.

Thanks and good luck. Please let us know how your appointment goes.

Fi x


High Guys,

It sounds like we suffer together on this one. I went to see the man and he is flumoxed I had my leg scanned again for a blood clot but there wasn't one. So after 5 yes 5 hours of messing the man said he wanted a second opinion so I get referred to some one else. I came home tired and cross I just hoped for a little help but apparently he cannot help back/hip /arm/hand pain he just looked at foot which was obligingly purple and very hard swollen from knee to toes. Then come back three months----*******-----***** pretty useless I can cope with it today :) so here is to sunshine :) we all need some sorry I could not help any one else the only n recommendation was elevate I some times wonder if they have any idea what we live through? x gins


Sorry to be so late in my commenting - having a really bad time with things at the moment. But had to respond - I've had swollen legs for years - even when I was very slim - and since before being diagnosed with Mr Fibro and PTSD 7 years ago. I have been on water meds for oedema for years as well as BP meds. Legs only ever went down if I raised them above my heart whilst in bed at night - am lucky to have an electric bed that raises both ends - Yet during the day my legs swell so much - A doctor I saw a few weeks ago said I was "prone" to the oedema and that most meds can exacerbate the problem. I was refused a stronger dose of diuretics as he said I'd be peeing all day long - He laughed when I said I did that already - and that I had to get up through the night as well - Grrrr - Darn! Am from a family of white witches - so any magic is for good only - or I'd have done a spell to afflict him with our lot and see how he'd laugh then! ( Sadly, I'm not a practising white witch - though only because I promised my late Grampy that I'd not "meddle" (as he calls it) in such things - Ahhh well)

Hugs and love to all,

Carol xx


Cadee thanks for replying poor you swelling legs and ankles are horrid to say the least. I was put on ten days elevated bed rest and yes they went down laugh I cannot spend my life with legs above heart waiting for more suggestions will let you know if there are any take care x gins


Check out another of HU's forums for Restless Leg Syndrome, they have some very useful info on there about painful, burning legs etc.


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