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Worn out

Over the last 3 or 4 weeks if I've done anything that's needed me to use a lot of energy I've spent 90% of the next day sleeping. Even activity's I usually do have exhausted me and last week I only took part in 1 of the usual things I do. I totally missed my carer coming to take me shopping so my parents took me shopping on Thursday. A big mistake as we went to Tesco compared to using Sainburys normally. I know its cheaper but I only got part of what I wanted as the pain hit me and I just felt exhausted so I'm now making sure I'm awake to go with her.

Today the carer woke me up when she'd knocked the door and got on with the hygine clean as well as doing my bed while I went to the loo and she even brought me a nice cup of tea. Now all of my regular carers have seen me on a bad day so at least they now know why I have help. Though I know they don't say anything but I have had an odd look as if to say why am I here in the past.

Hope everyone isn't having a bad day or week as I am


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really you are ensuring the earn a living so dont worry what they think i know how u feel i felt the same way. the pain clinic has taught me that i dont have to prove anything to anyone or justify why i am ill.

the weather has not helped our depressions either so look on the bright side you have a carer some people on here are battling to get dla you and i are the luckier ones..chin up and stop beating up on u petal.


my heart goes out to you yvonne..i too suffer from that extreme fatigue...sometime last weekend i showered and changed my clothes (first time for a couple of weeks i have done both at the same time) i promptly fell asleep for 32 hours and woke up feeling like i had been in a fight chin up


am glad you get some help with your needs. I hope you feel a bit better soon. unfortunately all activity has a knock on effect of some kind. sleeping sickness is a companion most of us have to stay! am very lucky to have a caring and unjudging partner now - it makes all the difference to how I feel about myself when it's yet another down day.

take care and don't be hard on yourself x


Hi all thanks for your replies.

I'm starting to spend less time sleeping which is good as its now the summer holidays for the girls. I'm now sorting out what things need to be done and spread them out though out the week. I'm also leaving 1 day free to relax and spend time watching tv ( well some as I usually fall asleep!)

Next week the girls are with their dad so I can please myself if I do anything or just watch the Olympics. I might even sort the lounge so we can eat of the table instead of on out laps.

take care


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