Well thats what the box says lol !!! confused ???? noo well not me will actually be 95% faster but my computer i had a courtesy call last week from my internet provider to see if iwas happy with everything which i am the only thing is my computer is slow so he said well the other thing is we are going to send you out a new modem so it will be alot faster for you .

The modem arrived yesterday but you have got to unplug all the wires to my old modem and mess about and i get impatient and my daughter was not home yesterday only for 10 mins so will get her to set it all up for me .

i wonder if i went to my GP she could give me somethingto make me faster ????

love to you akll diddle xxxx

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  • I wish lol.x

  • my ram .... random acess memory bank does not work very fat either lol petal

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