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hi all i skyped with my 2yr old grandson Owen this morning i had such a laugh they r potty training him at the moment n he was sat on his potty clapping himself with such a beautiful smile on his face my son said he loves to sit there n get the praise lol ,thats a reason to go on if nothing else it made me feel so good . soft hugs to all hope everyone has a good day Tofty x

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Hi tofty ur little gson sounds lovely I lov em at that age; all full of curiosity, fun and devilment and soooo eagar to explore everything - their body, the world around them, how easy it is to destroy mum and dads home, exactly how much patience said mum & dad have and how big a smile or innocent a look it takes to get them outta trouble!!! Lol

Im so glad that you l fibro hasnt robbed you of all your joy & you can still get pleasure in the small things that really matter to people like us - like our family and friends, pets, nature, the sun shining, gentle rain , a good joke etc :-) I get soooo sad when i read some peoples blogs on here and they're in such a dark place that they cant even enjoy these simple pleasures. I pray for them that they will not let fibro win and that they find the courage & strenght to xcape the darkness and find joy in lifes small blessings - just as you did 2day :-)


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