I'm not sure if I've got hayfever or not. Because I just have stingy itchy watery eyes and a runny nose and rarely sneeze. This has only happened a few times in the last couple of years. I do live in the suburbs so I expect I have a higher chance ofsuffering it but im not convinced. Could it be or is it just another part of my body falling apart!? :-(

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  • my daughter gets hayfever ,the only sympton she has is a sore throat ,when the doc said this last year i thought he was having a laugh ,but sure enough as soon as she took the hayfever tabs she was good as new ,hayfever is obviously a funny thing ,my other daughter has it too but she only suffers in spring ,the rest of the summer shes fine . hope you feel btter soon xx

  • Suppose its like asthma, my Bruce has it all the time but my son only gets it with leaf mould so autumn is his enemy x thankyou. I'm going to attempt to mow the lawn now without my eyes flaring up and my back breaking like it feels now! Come on painkillers do your stuff! Lol xx

  • due to climate change, the pollen is at a stronger potency apparently (i read it somewhere!) i have always sufferered from hay fever and the last two to three years have been the worse, some people swear by eating a spoonful of honey a day all year round(it has to be honey that is as local to you as poss) it is no good to go say,to a supermarket and buying a random honey it won't work,i also bought a helpful little gadget from lloyds chemist(you can now get this gadget from argos) it is egg shaped and you put two batteries in it,it has a long wire with two probes on the end that you out up your nose,press a button and your nose looks like rudolphs!, it beeps after two mins and switches off,i have found doing this four to five times a day beneficial xx

  • Omg that sounds like a tortcher device lol I think I will be ok tho and I like the thought of honey too. Xxxx

  • The typical symptoms of hay fever are itchy eyes, runny nose and sneezing. If you are allergic especially to pollen grains then you will experience these symptoms. Hay fever is basically an allergic reaction to pollen grains, which when come in contact with the cells that line the throat, eyes and nose then irritate them and trigger an allergic reaction.

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